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Mark Green is a North Georgia based photographer and video producer. Originally based Houston, TX, Mark relocated to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Atlanta in 2016. 

For over 30 years Mark has created compelling still photography and video productions for Corporate Annual Reports, Brochures, Business-to-Business Advertising and Photo Library Building projects. His client list over the years contains many leading companies including Exxon Mobil, United Airlines, GE, FedEx, Boston Scientific, FMC Technologies, Nabors Drilling, Monsanto Company, Bechtel, and many more. He has been recognized by the Art Directors Club of Houston and New York.  His work has been featured in Communication Arts "Best Of" twice. 

Mark served on the American Society of Media Photographer's (ASMP) Board of Directors for 6 years from 2011-2017.

In 2016, largely for family reasons but also creatively, Mark decided 35 years in Houston was enough. It was time to do something different. Mark's roots were in landscape photography (he attended Ansel Adams Yosemite Workshop in 1976 as an 18 year old) and he felt a need to get closer to nature. So the decision was made to move to the North Georgia mountains, and to focus more on real estate work and making images that please his personal aesthetic.

He still serves a corporate client base nationally, but is focused on his working in his "own back yard" of Big Canoe, GA.

From Mark - About This Site

Since starting out in the business of photography o' those many years ago, it has been a satisfying, frustrating, sweat inducing, risk taking thrill ride. What a way to spend a career.... taking pictures and making films in places near and far, across the country and the globe. 

The purpose of this new website is twofold.

One, to try and archive some of my favorite images from a career and some personal work along the way of course. My commercial work, during what I refer to as the Golden Age for commercial photographers, spanned film to digital to video.

Secondly, it is to show off my new direction as a nature photographer primarily. The unique community of Big Canoe that Marilyn and I moved to in 2016 offers abundant subject matter right in "my own backyard" so to speak, and as a flatlander from Houston, the mountains here (as they call them) are lovely. Many people within my community have been clamoring for a place to purchase my work in an affordable fashion, so I am facilitating that in my Big Canoe Collection.

So I hope you enjoy the site, and will stay in touch. 

This site is dedicated to my late daughter Kate Green, and to Marilyn and Alana, my family and friends particularly Carter, Bob, Mike, Austin, Jarred, Phil, The Kens, Laurie, Lamar, Kelley, Bill W, Doug, Jim, David Ford, Mark J, Jeff D, Lisa W, Bob G and a host of wonderful clients and my friends and inspirations in the photographic community, without whom it would not have been possible to have done what I have done. 

Below you will see some scenes from a lifetime. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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