Big Canoe at 50

I created this documentary on the 50 year history of Big Canoe (1972-2022). It covers some pre-history and brings us to present day. 

Home - A Year In The Life of Big Canoe

When I first moved to Big Canoe, the realty company commissioned a piece that I consider my finest artistic video project. I refer to it as " A love letter to the community that I now call Home". This 14 minute film was shot over the course of 12 months, starting in July 2016. If you have friends who say "What's it like there?" this film' is for you! It has had over 50,000 views on social media. Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by Mark Green. Concept by Katie Wercholuk. Please enjoy full screen!

Creek 9 Renovation

This video was produced as a promo for a get-out-the-vote piece to help persuade property owners to vote Yes on a golf course renovation project.

Big Canoe Bears

Shot over a single 20 min period while observing these adorable black bears doing what they do. Never left my Jeep, shot with a 500mm lens resting on the window frame.

Big Canoe Eagles

A short video I did highlighting the Big Canoe Bald Eagles. 

Fausett Farms

Drone video of Fausett Farms is just north of Big Canoe.

The Four Seasons - Individual Segments

The Big Canoe Wellness Collaborative

I was asked to do a video promoting the Big Canoe Wellness Collaborative, which I gladly donated to this most worthy cause. Have a look and consider volunteering.

2019 Legacy of Caring

This video was donated to the Big Canoe Chapel Women's Guild to promote their Legacy of Caring in 2019.

Choctaw 1

I created narrated flyover videos on all 27 holes at Big Canoe. You can see them  on the lower portion  home page at the new POA Website. I did 90% of the still photography on the site as well. Tim Moran did the VO. Many thanks to Lydell Mack and the entire Big Canoe Golf operation.

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